Could  the Messiah already be here on earth? 



Learn why the second advent of the Messiah will take place on the earth in a manner similar to his first appearance.




Messages from Lucifer, a criminal against humanity, channeled by a  medium.

Investigate the authentic messages from the archangel who became Satan after tempting Eve to sin in the Garden of Eden.




Last days prophecy reveals a fascinating new understanding of how God has been working behind the scenes careful not to reveal --until now-- the hidden purpose and meaning behind history leading up to the second advent of Christ.





Last days prophecy tells of a deceiver or Anti-Christ who appears before the second coming of Christ.  One of the primary responsibilities of the new Messiah is to guarantee that God's people remain free to worship their Heavenly Parent.
Find out why young people around the world are inspired.
Finally, after more than 2000 years comes revelation revealing how, when & where the second advent of Christ will take place in our time.
Join hundreds of thousands of individuals and families from every race that are working to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.
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